Write-up #3 – Art Exhibit at The Mason Jar Restaurant and Gallery in Manitou Springs, CO

Published May 9, 2012 by jesscorenn

Write-up #3


Art Exhibit at The Mason Jar Restaurant and Gallery in Manitou Springs, CO

Today I was referred to “The Mason Jar” in a town we are staying at in Colorado Springs, CO. We arrived to eat and were led to another part of the restaurant to see a local artist, known only as “Emily”. Emily makes quilted squares of various textures and colors and puts them together to create larger images that are beautiful works of art. We saw several examples, all framed and mounted for sale ranging from $200-600 each. My two favorites, both untitled, were a stunning baby grand piano surrounded with purple pastel-colored flowers, and an Arizona Vista, also surrounded with flowers, but in earthy tones.  Unfortunately, I don’t know a thing about the artist since they have nothing posted about her, but I did speak with the owner, Tim, and learned that it is a family-owned restaurant, promoting the local artists of Manitou Springs. Personally, I would love to meet the artist and would welcome the “Piano” in my home, even at $495 since I think it is absolutely beautiful and unique. I walked away from the artist’s work with much appreciation for her designs. If I equate her work to Graphic Design, I can say her art is much like pixelated designs, taking each pixel (quilt square), one at a time to create a beautiful picture when viewed from afar.  Although the medium is unique and often associated with gray haired old ladies, this work was inspiring and fresh and I loved the contrast of a stereo-typed medium with a contemporary work of art.


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